Bard of Armagh Poems

The Bard of Armagh contest for humorous verse  is run every November in the City Hotel in front of a delighted audience of over a thousand people. If the hall was bigger, it could be two or three thousand – tickets can be harder to find than feathers on a donkey!

Contestants from all over Ireland, and as far afield as England, Scotland, Australia and Keady have taken part, from farmers to professors, from binmen to buroo-men! They all send in a poem, and the judges pick a dozen of the best to compete on the night – any size (200-1000 words) and any subject, as long as it is FUNNY. Although the subject of ‘Oul Farmers Lukin Fer Weemin’ seems to come up right and often – my first attempt in 2001  (Divil the wan wud hev me) was one of them!

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I was awarded the ‘Lifetime Award’ in 2014 – here is the acceptance  speech, plus my ‘Foreign Feedin’ poem!